Strategic plan


Genetic improvement is one of the fundamental tools that will enable Australian sheep producers to increase the productivity of their wool, lamb and sheepmeat enterprises.

Both the meat sheep and Merino industries have made significant advances in developing and adopting objective measurement and genetic evaluation. However our progress can be improved.

Together with the Australian sheep industry, Meat & Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation Limited have developed a world’s best practice genetic evaluation service to deliver credible, accurate breeding values in a single language that are accessible to all stakeholders in the sheep industry.

This national standard enables sheep breeders to compare the genetic merit of rams and ewes within designated groups, breeds or where appropriate between breeds. This has not been possible in all cases to date due to differences in various databases and languages used to describe genetic information.

Sheep Genetics Australia has been developed to utilise the world’s most comprehensive sheep genetic database and evaluation service for the Australian sheep industry underpinned by a best practice quality assurance system.

Sheep Genetics Australia provides commercially relevant information to help sheep producers more effectively select breeding animals for their particular enterprise.

The genetic information held in Sheep Genetics Australia is owned by the industry and its delivery is supported by a comprehensive website available 24 hours a day.

Relevant to all sheep breeds, Sheep Genetics Australia is a significant initiative that will undoubtedly become one of the sheep industry’s most important tools to increase productivity through genetic improvement and as a result contribute to the prosperity of Australia’s sheep enterprises.


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