The features of using Sheep Genetics online

For ram breeders:To participate in Sheep Genetics, ram breeders must submit data on their sheep to the Sheep Genetics database. They can do this directly themselves through on-farm software or through an accredited service provider.

The website will have three main functions for ram breeders:

  • providing access for ram breeders’ data to be submitted to the Sheep Genetics database.
  • providing access to the measurements collected and breeding values calculated. Breeders will have a set of query, reporting and diagnostic tools provided to them on the web site for managing their data within the Sheep Genetics database. Sheep Genetics will also provide breeders with a searchable database of animals for potential use in breeding programs.
  • providing news, information, and examples of using ASBVs within a breeding program.

Ram breeders will be provided with a secure user name and password to access their measurements and breeding values.

Breeders will also be able to nominate service providers who will have access to their data and be able to assist or manage it on the breeder’s behalf.

Breeders retain ownership of their data contributed to the Sheep Genetics database and can remove data on a whole flock basis from the database under certain conditions. Sheep Genetics will not publish breeding values on animals without the permission of the owner.

The rapid processing of data is a main feature of the Sheep Genetics database. Data will be screened and processed for ASBVs and FBVs fortnightly, and be available as a percentile band table or report. A detailed timetable of analysis dates for various breeds is available from the website.

For commercial producers:
The Sheep Genetics website will provide access to the breeding values, standard indexes, trait leader summaries and other relevant information summaries from flocks which choose to make this information available on the Sheep Genetics website.

Commercial producers will be able to perform customised searches for sheep with traits of commercial relevance to their business.