Sheep Genetics services

The core Sheep Genetics product is the provision and maintenance of a national database for the calculation of breeding values using a single standard for genetic information. These breeding values will be released in the form of trademarked Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs). ASBVs are designed to be used by ram breeders and commercial producers to compare the genetic potential of rams and ewes for a range of industry agreed traits, across flocks, independent of the environment and location.

ASBVs will be delivered via MERINOSELECT and LAMBPLAN, which have been designated for the wool and prime lamb sectors respectively.

MERINOSELECT is for Merino ram breeders and commercial wool producers. It is the new brand name for Merino genetic information combining data from the current Merino schemes into a national, consistent and quality assured service.

LAMBPLAN continues as the brand name under which genetic information is delivered to terminal, maternal and dual purpose ram breeders and commercial lamb and sheep producers.

Terminal, maternal, dual purpose and Merino breed information will be stored, managed, utilised and reported as separate databases as will the information for specific breed groups.

Information evaluated by Sheep Genetics describes the genetic performance of sheep within their breed or industry group, for example, Merino or terminal sire breeds.

The majority of producers will have a minimum standard of pedigree links to other flocks within their breed or industry group to allow their sheep's genetic performance to be compared to other flocks and to their appropriate benchmarks.

Breeding values are typically expressed as the difference between an individuals merit and the average merit base of the year of the genetic pool to which the animal is compared. Sheep Genetics has developed new terminology to express this estimated breeding value.