Sales and semen catalogues

Listed Sale and Semen Catalogues



Creating your sale and semen catalogues

In order for you to list your sale catalogue, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the search page on either the MERINOSELECT or LAMBPLAN website (depending on where your flock is analysed).
  2. Enter your breeder login on the right hand side of the screen.
    1. The login is your 6 digit breed and flock code
    2. The password being your Sheep Genetics password contained in your report email. For those that cannot remember their password please contact the staff in the Sheep Genetics office.
  3. Once you have logged in, under the heading Sale and Semen Catalogues click on the link to “list and manage your sales and semen catalogues”,
  4. Click on the link “add private sale
  5. You will be taken to a screen with a number of blank boxes that you will need to fill out.
    1. Anything with a red asterisks is mandatory.
    2. You need to include the date you wish your catalogue to go up and the date you would like it removed from the website.
  6. You can also upload an image of your flock logo by clicking on the blank boxes under images


At this point you can choose whether to list or not list your catalogue onto the RamSelect website. Please note this is optional but if you do choose to list there is a cost for doing so, please refer to the following link for full terms and conditions. (Sale catalogues listed on the Sheep Genetics website only do not incur a charge.)

Excel sheet to list animals

Once this is done, you need to list the animals that are for sale using excel. To download the excel template please click on the link “download a copy of the file to use”. This will save a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer. Open the spreadsheet and begin filling it out with the following:

  • 16 digit Sheep Genetics ID
  • lot no (if applicable)
  • Comments on the animals
  • Price of animal (if animals being sold for private treaty)

The 16 digit Sheep Genetics ID is the only compulsory field however you will need to leave the headings in yellow in the spreadsheet.

When completed upload the catalogue by clicking on the browse button next to Excel animals file to import. This will upload your sale animals to the website, listing only the animals that you have included. By clicking on the edit button you can make changes to any of the details on the animal as well as upload a photo for the particular animal. Please note that there are size limitations on the photos and that some photos may be too large to be accepted.

Once this has been done, your sale catalogue is online and publically available. If you are not ready to display your catalogue, you can hide it by selecting “not displayed in website” from the drop down box under manage your catalogues.

On this screen you will also have the ability to print pen cards of your sale animals. To do this, please click on the print pen cards link. This will enable you to choose the number of ASBVs and indexes that you wish to display on your pen card. The upper limit is five ASBVs and two indexes. Once you have chosen the number of trends to report, you can create pen cards for your animals. Pen cards will be produced in a PDF document which you can save to your computer and print immediately or at a later time.

Please note that this facility is designed to generate web catalogues only and is not designed to print your sale catalogue for distribution.

Extra tips: Part of the process requires you to upload all the 16 digit ids of your sale animals from an excel file. When doing this ensure you use the exact excel file format as supplied in the link and ensure the file is saved as a .xls file (not .xlsx). When entering a 16 digit id into excel it may get automatically altered unless it is recognised as text. To do this you can highlight the cells then right click and choose format cells, here you can select ‘text’ under the number tab. Another alternative is to simply add an apostrophe at the front of the id to ensure it keeps its necessary format.