Updates coming to the new-look Sheep Genetics search site: here's a timeline of everything you can expect and when


Since the release of Meat & Livestock Australia's (MLA) new-look Sheep Genetics search site in August 2020, the team have been working on further enhancements to the platform. 

Initial changes to the website included:  

  • load times are three times faster than the old site 

  • more targeted search functionality 

  • easier navigation 

  • seamless integration with direct referral sites such as AuctionsPlus 

  • accessible on ay device.  

Below is a list of planned features and upgrades, and a timeline of when you can expect to see them rolled out. Developments are continuous and feedback is always welcome at Feedback received to date has informed the below list of future developments. Items have been prioritised based on expected development time and impact on site users.  

Phase 1: short-term updates

The following features were implemented on 10 October:   

  • faster loading times when exporting results to Excel 
  • update to email and/or website links in listed sale and semen catalogues 
  • fix to duplicate dam IDs appearing on pen cards 
  • sale catalogues will no longer move to the 'past sales' section early 
  • fix to the 'semen available' filter 
  • fix to the 'load more' function in searches and catalogues 
  • improved logo sizing on pen cards 
  • fix to search with multiple ASBV filters 
  • fix to the search time-out for individual IDs 
  • fix to pen card creation time-out for large catalogues. 
  • fix to caching issue when searching for individual animals using 16-digit IDs and flock names.  
  • Other updates that will be implemented by the end of October include: 
  • delete saved search functionality 
  • search time-out messages. 

PHASE 2: medium-term enhancements

The following features are expected to be implemented within the next six months:  

  • customised ASBVs on sale and semen catalogues 

  • customise ASBVs button for mobile 

  • ability to sort catalogues by lot number 

  • ability to view semen catalogues on mobile devices 

  • implementation of an MLP filter and tags for sires used in the project 

  • ability to rename saved searches 

  • export button available when not logged in 

  • error validation of catalogue uploads 

  • ability to add multiple flock codes to a search 

  • new information sheet generated with pen cards 

  • improved flagging of animals for sale or with semen available.  

PHASE 3: long-term enhancements 

The following features are expected to be implemented over the next one to two years.  

  • printable and customisable percentile band table 

  • ability to view and export more traits and animals on a single page 

  • ability to export the individual animal page and the pedigree as a PDF 

  • ability to export searches as a PDF 

  • ability to view and export sire and dam pedigree in a search 

  • ability to view 16-digit ID in a search 

  • ability to create multi-vendor sale catalogues 

  • ability to export searches to email and social media 

  • further on-boarding information on mobile devices.