Identify which service is right for you

Compare sheep based on their Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) via the LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT databases

  • MERINOSELECT is for Merino ram breeders and commercial wool producers. It provides genetic information into a national, consistent and quality assured service.

  • LAMBPLAN delivers genetic information to Terminal, Maternal and dual Purpose ram breeders and commercial lamb and sheep producers.
Steps: What's involved
1. Register an online search account  On the Animal Search page, click on the Register link, top right hand corner. You will need to enter you details and email address.
2. Subscribe to Sheep Genetics

Subscribe to Sheep Genetics by submitting a subscription form (see the box to the right), for prices refer to the fee schedule.

3. Review your current animal records Identify what records you currently collect. E.g live weights, fleece measurements
4. Consider your breeding objectives The breeding objective is the goal of your breeding program
5. Collate your records and manage your data appropriately Sheep genetics can only accept data in electronic format.  Breeders need to use a computer software package to submit their data, or use the service on their behalf.

Data received from ram breeders will only be listed  if they have agreed to have their results listed on the database.

6. Comply with the Sheep Genetics Quality Assurance System To ensure the integrity of data entering the Sheep Genetics database, a QA system has been developed.

Breeders should meet all relevant QA requirements when submitting their data into the database.
7. Submit your data

Data needs to be emailed  or a CD or floppy disc sent to the Sheep Genetics office

Cut-off dates for data entry:
LAMBPLAN 1st and 15th of every month
MERINOSELECT: 7th and 21st of each month

8. Recieve your results Full suite of reports on your animals