DataSmart Workshop

Are you interested in learning ways to improve your LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT data quality, and how to use your software?

Datasmart Worshops are a one day workshop for stud sheep breeders, and are run at a cost of $200 per business unit, including morning tea, lunch and workshop notes. (Download a brochure)

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Understanding ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values), How a breeding value is calculated, Accuracy and Heritability.
  • Planning joining for management groups and linkage, Strategic planning for better results and faster genetic gain.
  • Software Program, How to use and enter data.
  • Interpret and use reports from LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT, What reports do you receive and what do they mean.

Workshops are available for the following software:

  • Pedigree Master
  • Stockbook
  • Kool Collect and Kool Perform
  • Breed Elite

I you would like to attend a workshop or would just like to know more, then register your interest by either contacting Debbie Milne with one of the following options:


Phone: 0407 724 066


Data quality is key when using Sheep Genetics services, so if you or someone you know would benefit from attending one of these interactive one day workshops, contact Debbie ASAP to find out when the next workshop will be held near you.