Software for managing data

Sheep Genetics strongly recommends the use of management software for entering and submitting data to the Sheep Genetics systems. However, we do not directly endorse any particular software for use. The following list represents software vendors who work closely with Sheep Genetics to provide compatible exports for genetic evaluation.

Commercial software

The MacroStock suite of livestock management software is designed for the modern farming operation. All programs in the suite can utilise the especially designed Tru-Test Interface to transfer data to and from the Tru-Test XR3000 weigh scale indicator. Programs utilize RFID Tag technologies providing ease of management and full traceability.

Stockbook Agribusiness software for Farm Management Software, Livestock Management Software and Farm Accounting Software.(Entry level version is free.)

Koolsoftware The koolsoftware suite of programs, including koolcollect and koolperform, offer a complete livestock management solution for stud and commercial producers alike. Koolsoftware integrates with a wide range of hardware products, incorporates RFID technology and features a cloud back-up service, making it easy to manage your stock and track productivity throughout their lifetime.

BreedElite Is a complete recording system for the stud operation. With intuitive design for ease of use,  BreedELITE combines full visual recording with EID compatibility and data validation, ensuring quality data compatible with Sheep Genetics. 


Free software

Pedigree Wizard was originally provided to our members in order to increase the quality of data collection. Sheep Genetics encourages users to select the best software for their enterprises, we regard Pedigree Wizard as the minimum standard for data submission.

Pedigree Wizard will only load on a 32-bit Windows operating system, if you are experiencing difficulties downloading you will need to download Pedigree Master.

Pedigree Master designed to work on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

Freeware programs are unsupported programs, if you require any assistance in setting up or using the program we suggest that you contact one of the data managers listed on our site who is experienced in them.