Resources for software developers

File format

Sheep Genetics encourages 3rd party software development in the area of data submission. Our preferred format for data submission is XML, an XSD file in the following zip archive can be used to construct a suitable XML file (note - this is the revised "tight" version).

Documentation for the XML file can be found in the "File Submission" link to the right.

Animal ID issues

The following spreadsheet lists the disallowed combinations of characters in animal ID's - if an animal is getting removed from pedigree check this list to ensure that it isn't being removed by us due to matching one of these.  The spreadsheet details where in the 16 digits the codes are not allowed to appear:


Old data files and acceptable column names

Sometimes you might be faced with converting an export from an older program into your database so you can produce an XML file.  In this case the column headings might not make a lot of sense as historically we accepted all kinds of files with various names for the traits.

The searchable trait name database is a resource for checking the names of traits in a data file - the following table is our reference for standardised Sheep Genetics trait names, along with acceptable combinations of stage and trait names.  Also included are "aliases" for trait names which we still accept in order to process historical data:

Temporary link to old website trait stage page

Software Developers meeting 10 September 2012

The following zip archive contains the presentation material from the meeting, including data upload requirements and index column definitions.