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Printable calendar of LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT data submission dates for 2019

Getting started with Sheep Genetics Key steps for breeders getting started with MERINOSELECT or LAMBPLAN
Subscription Form For all Sheep Genetics subscribers
Web Listing Form Form to update your web listing to allow animals to appear on the search page. 
Navigating the Search Pages  Quick reference guide to navigating the search, advanced search and search results. 
2018 Pocket Guide
How to interpret ASBVs, using selection indexes, ASBVs for Live Weight Traits, Live Weight ASBV defiinitions, ASBVs for carcas traits, carcase ASBV definitions, ASBVs for fleece traits, fleece ASBV definitions, ASBVs for reproduction traits reproduction ASBV definitions, ASBVs for worm resistance traits, worm resistance ASBV definitions, Sheep Genetics traits and ages of evaluation, reports, contact details. 
Mission brochure Key features, the foundations, services, terminology, features, quality assurance, objectives, the economics, summary, contact details.
13_Visual_Sheep_Scores.pdf A standardised set of visual assessment scores for the consistent description of important phenotypic traits of all breeds of sheep.
Sale cards Single sale card template to download and print. (A pre-printed pack is available from the office 60pk for $33.00) 
Tips for marketing  Use of logo and how to use databases effectively LAMBPLAN
Marketing with ASBV Logos Guide to using Logos in your marketing material. 
Marketing Tips for Ram Breeders  General marketing tips for ram breeders.
Carcase Carcase Brochure 
Growth  Growth Brochure 
WEC WEC Brochure 
Health Brochure 
Wool  Wool Brochure 
Reproduction  Reproduction Brochure 2018 
An introduction to LAMBPLAN  Key points on understanding and utilising LAMBPLAN
2018 Understanding Lambplan ASBVs Interpreting and understanding LAMBPLAN ASBVs
Understanding LAMBPLAN Maternal ASBVs

Interpreting and understanding LAMBPLAN Maternal ASBVs

2018 Understanding Carcase and Eating Quality Understanding Carcase and Eating Quality Traits 
Eating Quality Indexes July 2016 New Eating Quality Indexes explained (All)
Eating Quality indexes (EQ) Eating Quality Index - July 2016
Eating Quality indexes (LEQ) LAMB2020 + EQ - July 2016 
Maternal Indexes July 2016  New Maternal Indexes explained (All)
Maternal Indexes (BLX)  Border Leicester Cross - July 2016 
Maternal Carcase Production - July 2016 
Maternal Indexes (MCP+) Maternal Carcase Production + - July 2016 
Terminal Sire Index 2016 Description of Terminal Sire LAMBPLAN indexes 
Maternal Sire Index Summary  Description of Maternal Sire LAMBPLAN indexes 

Maternal Sire Index Review 2016

Review of Maternal indexes undertaken in 2016

Lambplan Sire Index Review 2016

Review of Eating Quality indexes undertaken in 2016
 Lambing Ease ASBVs  Understanding Lambing Ease ASBVs
LambplanASBV300dpi.jpg logo

For use in your marketing material.

An introduction to MERINOSELECT  Key points on understanding and utilising MERINOSELECT 
2018 Understanding MERINOSELECT ASBVs Interpreting and understanding MERINOSELECT ASBVs
2018 Understanding MERINOSELECT Visual Traits  Interpreting and understanding MERINOSELECT Visual Traits ASBVs 
Understanding the MERINOSELECT Indexes Description of MERINOSELECT standard report indexes
MerinoSelectASBV300dpi.jpg logo For use in your marketing material
Breeder Case Studies
Wes Kember "Gleneath Park" LAMBPLAN Case study from Ganmain, New South Wales 2005
Andrew Michael "Leahcim" LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT Case study from Snowtown, South Australia 2005 
 John Keillor "Cashmore Park" LAMBPLAN Case study from Portland, South Western Victoria 2005 
Dawson Bradford "Hillcroft Farms" LAMBPLAN Case study from Narrogin, Western Australia 2005
Phillip Russell "Clifton Park" LAMBPLAN Case study from Broome Hill, Western Australia 2005
Roger and Dianne Trewick, “Pepperton Poll Dorset Stud” LAMBPLAN Case study from Bendigo, Victoria 2005
Lynton Arney "Inverbrackie" LAMBPLAN Case study from Strathalbyn, South Australia 2005
CJ and FM Massy "Severn Park" MERINOSELECT Case study from Bobunda, New South Wales 2005
Rick Keogh "Amaroo" MERINOSELECT Case study from Barcaldine, Queensland 2005
James Litchfield "Hazeldean" MERINOSELECT Case study from Cooma, New South Wales 2005
Jock McLaren "Nerstane"     MERINOSELECT Case study from Woolbrook, New South Wales 2005
Robert Mortimer "Centre Plus" 

MERINOSELECT Case study from Tullamore, New South Wales  2005

Leo Blanch "Westvale" MERINOSELECT Case study from Wollun, New South Wales 2009
Errol Brumpton "Well Gully"

MERINOSELECT Case study from Mitchell, Queensland 2009

MERINOSELECT Case study from Gairdner, Western Australia 2009

MERINOSELECT Case study from Dubbo, New South Wales 2009

Joe and Tracey Dahlitz "Roemahkita" 

MERINOSELECT Case study from Cummins, South Australia 2009