Tables showing age name & trait abbreviations

To assist with interpreting data from and adding to LAMBPLAN or MERINOSELECT.

Age name abbreviations

Age name


Average age of the group Approximate age in weeks or months
Birth B birth to 24 hours  
Weaning W 42 to 120 days 6 to 17 weeks
Early post weaning E 120 to 210 days 4 up to 7 months
Post weaning P 210 to 300 days 7 up to 10 months
Yearling Y 300 to 400 days 10 up to 13 months
Hogget H 400 to 540 days 13 up to 18 months
Adult A 540 days or older 18 months or older

Trait name abbreviations

Trait name


Units submitted Units reported
Live weight WT kg kg
Maternal weaning weight MWWT Not submitted kg
Eye muscle depth EMD mm mm
Fat depth FAT mm mm
Greasy fleece weight GFW kg %
Clean fleece weight CFW kg %
Fibre diameter FD um mm
Coefficient of variation of FD FDCV % %
Staple strength SS N/ktex N/ktex
Staple length SL mm mm
Worm egg count WEC %
Number of lambs born NLB 0 to 4 %
Number of lambs weaned NLW 0 to 4 %