Lambs Forum

As part of efforts to improve communication, share ideas, and increase contact and networking amongst breeders, producers, advisor's, scientists and researchers, everyone who in some way is contributing to the growth and development of this industry, an email discussion group called 'LAMBS' has been established.

The purpose of the group is to be a forum for discussion, suggestion, feedback and exchange of ideas, about lamb, sheepmeat & wool production, and the industry in general. The way the discussion group works is simple, send an email to, where it will be received by everyone who is included in the group. Feel free to reply to emails you have received, or to raise new issues yourself. Please be aware that if you wish to reply to only the person who sent the email, you need to address the reply specifically (rather than using the reply button).

The email addresses of LAMBS participants will not be distributed to anyone.

Please note that normal standards for email communications apply (if this proves difficult we will invoke an automatic list moderator), and that this will not be a forum for marketing or deciding policy, but certainly should be one for raising issues that might become so. Email discussion groups can be a great means of communicating, and your contributions will be appreciated.

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