Resource Flock Overview

The  MLA Resource Flock began as the Sheep CRC’s Information Nucleus Flock (INF) in 2007. Over five years, the INF gathered a database of biological and genetic traits by joining 5,000 ewes each year to 100 industry sires.

This has evolved into a reference flock for hard to measure traits such as intramuscular fat, meat quality, tenderness and fatty acid profile. Data is used for ongoing investigation of new traits. As the Resource Flock evolves there will be an increased focus on co-investment with industry groups and individual breeders, utilising data already collected.

Industry Outcomes

  • Breeding values for eating quality and meat yield developed
  • Development of eating quality indexes
  • Development of a single step for meat eating quality ASBVs
  • Development of single step analysis for other traits is ongoing
  • Improvement in accuracy of  genomic testing
  • Bio-bank of DNA - assessing the value of full genomic sequence analysis
  • High-density and sequence data will provide clues to genes affecting traits
  • Development of technology to measure IMF content
  • Grading of yearling merinos
  • Data included in MERINOSELECT and LAMBPLAN improving accuracies and providing  linkage
  • Valuable resource for other research projects