MLA Resource Flock: Satellite flocks for eating quality and carcase traits

Call for expressions of interest

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) are seeking breeders to collaborate and co-invest with the MLA Resource Flock project to contribute to the industry’s reference population by collecting additional measures of carcase and eating quality traits from industry animals as a satellite flock to the MLA Resource Flock.

The objective of this project is to increase the number of animals in the reference population for eating quality carcase phenotypes. In particular, with preference given, but not limited to, breeds that are currently unable to utilise genomic technologies due to limited reference population size. This will lead to increased ability to estimate breeding values for these hard to measure traits into the future.

Collaborators will be expected to deliver lambs for slaughter with an estimated carcase weight between 18kg and 26kg prior to June 2020. These will need to be from a structured progeny test (preferred) or surplus rams/ewes from existing LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT ram breeders. The collaborator will be required to effectively manage and co-ordinate all the on-farm components of the project and have an existing relationship with a processor who is willing to consign the lambs at a mutually convenient time and allow collection of the required carcase data. In return, the resource flock and MLA with fund the genotyping costs and half the cost of the carcase trait measurements. The collection of carcase data will be supported by the resource flock team and an approved meat science team.

The selection criteria will be based around the size of the cohort of lambs, the genetic diversity represented and their relationship to sires already used in previous cohorts of the resource flock.


Breeders and/or breeder groups should submit an Expression of Interest addressing the above selection criteria. More details for applicants can be found in the detailed Terms of Reference for the Expression of Interest. Expressions should not exceed four pages, and are to be submitted electronically to by COB 30th Aug 2019.

Further information

For any enquiries about your eligibility or for further details on the EOI, please email Peta Bradley