Marketing tips for LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT

Use of the data

Publish accuracy values

It is vital that all LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT ASBVs are published with their accuracy percentage, as provided in your reports or on the web.

The accuracy percentage reflects the quality and amount of information available on your sheep.

When looking at figures which display no accuracy percentage, the correspondence going to industry is to recognise these figures as within flock breeding values (FBVs) only (which are unlinked, and un-comparable to other flocks).

An ASBV is the combination of the breeding value and the accuracy percentage.

Make the most of your investment and let your clients know that your data is of a good enough standard to receive ASBVs by always publishing accuracies.

Publish analysis dates

As new information on your sheep enters the database (e.g. more progeny, information on relatives, more measurements etc), each animals ASBV will be updated to reflect the new information.

It is therefore important to publish an analysis date with your ASBVs to avoid confusion.

Publish breed or flock averages, or provide a percentile report

It is important to provide your clients with a benchmark for comparing sale animals.

This can be at a flock, breed or analysis level, at your discretion. Displaying the average ASBVs for your flock, i.e. you may choose to publish the average ASBVs for 2006 drop rams, will allow clients to compare ASBVs on the rams for purchase, with the rest of their drop.

To broaden this, you could publish a breed average as a benchmark, i.e. 2006 drop Border Leicester average, or whole analysis, i.e. 2006 drop Terminal analysis.

Publishing averages has two main purposes with a) being to provide a benchmark and b) to demonstrate your flocks position in comparison to industry.

Use of the LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT brand

As a ram breeder and user of LAMBPLAN or MERINOSELECT, the use of relevant logos is key in the promotion of your business.

LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT logos signal your commitment to genetic technology that is accurate and quality assured.

It also signals that your business is part of the world’s largest and most powerful sheep genetics database.

These logos are used when animals are reported with Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) because they:

  • Meet minimum standards for across flock linkage
  • Meet minimum standards for quality assurance
  • Meet minimum standards for trait accuracy
  • Have released accuracy information

Where to use these logos

Use these logos on your sale catalogues, pen cards, website, brochures and newsletters – wherever you mention details of your performance recorded animals that meet the requirements to receive ASBVs .

How to use the logos

  • Use the logos as jpeg files at 300dpi for best resolution and printing quality
  • Don’t alter the logos in any way (ie stretch them, change their colour)
  • Make sure that when reproducing the logos, the following colours are used:
    PMS – Blue PMS 661
    CYMK: Blue C100 M72 Y0 K6 and Black: C0 M0 Y0 K100
    RBG: Blue R0 G64 B134 and Black: R0 G0 B0
  • Try to keep the logos to a standard size, however you can resize the logos by clicking once, then dragging the little square corners outwards (to make bigger) and inwards (to make smaller).