Mate selection programs are designed to aid in balancing genetic gain and genetic diversity by optimising mate selections for given male and female candidates. MateSel is a new tool available to Sheep Genetics client’s to help with mate selection. The program, created by Brian Kinghorn, assists in balancing genetic gain with the maintenance of diversity. The Sheep Genetics MateSel utilises pedigree and ASBV information submitted in LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT.

Mating outcomes will be reported by submitting lists of possible sires and females, your desired gains, as well as constraints on short term and long term inbreeding (coancestry).  The program will run a number of scenarios to get the best possible choice of individuals to select and the best arrangement of mate selection.

It is important to consider your breeding program, ensure full pedigree and all traits of interest are measured. It is also important to identify the index most suited to your breeding program.  These key pieces of information are used to feed into MateSel. In preparation for using MateSel the user needs to understand where they want to be and what they want to achieve using MateSel.

Access will be given to service providers and breeders who successfully complete the MateSel training.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in attending upcoming MateSel training courses. Please note we will collate the responses and contact those interested when dates are set. The course is offered at a cost of $250 per participant.

If you do not have access to MateSel, there are services providers available that can run MateSel for you. You can find them here -

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