Data managers

A data manager is a person, organisation or business who provides a service to breeders to prepare and submit data to Sheep Genetics in a format that meets the QA procedures.


Name Location Telephone Services provided
Jim Meckiff  Wagga Wagga NSW 

Mobile:0428 332 280

Stud or Commercial all breeds. Servicing All States/ Areas. EiD implementation and trouble shooting, data collection, data management, analysis and reporting.  Software: PS Stockbook and Sapien Koolcollect. 

Garry Armstrong

Deniliquin NSW

Phone: (03) 5881 7496
Mobile:0407 131 222

Data collection, entry and formatting.

Software support including TOPSTUD and Sapien (KOOL software)

Murray Long 

Ardlethan NSW

Phone: (02) 69 757210, (02) 69314522


Data Entry, on farm training, phone support for Pedigree Wizard/Pedigree master, report analysis, data management, index provision, report delivery
Jane Rindfleish Dubbo NSW Phone: (02) 6778 3125
Mobile: 0418 978 245
Data Entry, on farm training, phone support.

Stockbook and Pedigree Wizard.

Sally Martin Young NSW Mobile:0400 782 477
Data management, index provision, report delivery.
Elise Bowen  Wagga Wagga NSW 

Mobile: 0428 420 981 

Data collection, entry and formatting using Pedigree Master and KoolCollect/KoolPerform.  
David Rubie  Armidale NSW 

Mobile:0447 711 108


Data entry, collection, validation and advice. Web page creation and maintenance. 
Laura Kemmis   Cootamundra NSW  Mobile: 0487 181 896
Data management (inc. data entry), eID training, reporting and general advice 
Melanie Dowling  Toowoomba QLD  Mobile: 0409 295 599
Data management for Pedigree Master and rampower rankings 
Stefan Spiker Hamilton Vic Phone: (03) 5573 3201
Mobile: 0427 733 201

Data collection, entry and formatting. 

Mating decisions using TGRM.

Pedigree Wizard support.

Steve and Debbie Milne  Branxholme VIC Phone: (03) 5578 6327
Mobile (Steve):0428 786 327
Mobile (Debbie):0407 724 066

Data management for Pedigree Master,

Stockbook, Koolcollect and Koolperform. Visit their website at

Belinda Steers Avenel VIC Mobile: 0428 962 259

Data collection, entry and formatting.

Sapien and Stockbook software. 
James Preston   Bendigo VIC 

Mobile: 0401 743 236

Data collection, entry and formatting, Pedigree master and report delivery. 
Lauren Paulet  Shepparton VIC 

Mobile: 0408 295 720

Data management and on-farm assistance with data collection. 

Greg Johnsson  Kangaroo Island SA 

Phone: (08) 8553 2485


Data management, BreedELITE software. 
John Lehmann Mt Bryant SA Phone: (08) 8893 4034
Mobile: 0428 934 034
Data collection, entry and formatting.
Ian Bradtke Peterborough SA Phone: (08) 8665 2011
Mobile: 0407 729 341
Data collection, entry and formatting.
Michelle Cousins Burra SA Phone: (08) 8892 2108
Mobile: 0407 607 899
Data collection, entry and formatting.
Anne Collins  Quorn SA 

Mobile: 0427 486 115

Data collection and management. Practical Systems Stockbook. Data submission and report delivery and analysis. EID set-up and support. 

Mike Kirke  WA  Phone: 0429 994 794
Data collection, formatting and ASBV submission via Pedigree Master, Sapien & Stockbook. EID equipment setup and support, data management. 
Tamesha Gardner  Kojonup WA Phone: (08) 9832 8128
Mobile: 0408 001 353
Data collection, entry and formatting.
Denise Gooding Darkan WA Phone: (08) 9736 1175

Data collection, entry and formatting.

Pedigree Wizard

Brooks Evans Kojonup WA Phone: (08) 9833 7258
Mobile: 0427 513 668

Data collection, entry and formatting.

Pedigree Wizard.

Ken Hart WA Mobile: 0458 812 160

Harry Wilson Belhus WA Phone: (08) 9297 3087
Mobile: 0418 940 287

Artificial Breeding, e-sheep setup, performance breeding support.

Becoming a data manager with Sheep Genetics

Due to time constraints or lack of computer skills some Sheep Genetics subscribers seek to outsource their data management. If you would like to advertise your services as a data manager and have attended the Sheep Genetics Service Provider Training, please email your information to