Genotyping providers

Contact one of the following companies to get your animals genotyped;

  Parentage Only  Parentage and 
Genomic test  
 Flock profile  Marker tests 
 Concierge Genetics  x  x  x


 NEOGEN  x  x  x  x
 Weatherbys    x  x  x
 XYTOVET  x  x  x  x


Allocates animals to their parents.

Genomic test

Included in Sheep Genetics evaluation for relevant breeds to produce Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs)*.

Flock profile

A test for commercial Merino breeders that provides a snapshot of your flocks average ASBV’s using samples from 20 animals from the current drop

Marker tests

Tests for poll/horn and other traits that are indicated by one or a few important loci**.

Contact details

Concierge Genetics

James Preuss

0408 392 888


Tania Pfeiffer 

0459 855 862 


Melanie Dowling, 

07 37362134

Weatherbys Scientific Australia

Bill Burgess 

0424 004 622 


Jason Ledger 0417 938 067 

*Animals must already be in the Sheep Genetics database to receive genomically enhanced ASBVs

**Marker tests available are dependent on the breed of sheep being tested