Genotyping providers

Contact one of the following companies to get your animals genotyped;

  Parentage Only  Parentage and 
Genomic test  
 Flock profile  Marker tests 
 Concierge Genetics  x  x  x
 GenomNZ x  x  x  x


 NEOGEN x  x  x  x
 Weatherbys    x  x  x
 XYTOVET x  x  x  x


Allocates animals to their parents.

Genomic test

Included in Sheep Genetics evaluation for relevant breeds to produce Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs)*.

Flock profile

A test for commercial Merino breeders that provides a snapshot of your flocks average ASBV’s using samples from 20 animals from the current drop

Marker tests

Tests for poll/horn and other traits that are indicated by one or a few important loci**.

Contact details

Concierge Genetics

James Preuss

0408 392 888


Rayna Anderson

+64 800 362 522


Tania Pfeiffer 

0459 855 862 


Melanie Dowling, 

07 37362134

Weatherbys Scientific Australia

Bill Burgess 

0424 004 622 


Jason Ledger 0417 938 067 

*Animals must already be in the Sheep Genetics database to receive genomically enhanced ASBVs

**Marker tests available are dependent on the breed of sheep being tested