Index review 2020

We are reviewing the Sheep Genetics indexes in response to your feedback that:

  1. our standard indexes may not currently cover all of your needs and
  2. we can improve how we introduce new indexes and phase out old indexes

The review process aims to address issues that have been raised by users of Sheep Genetics and continue to enhance the indexes so they reflect changing production systems.

We will review how we can provide you with indexes that

  1. balance what we need for a successful and sustainable industry in the future and what you currently require now and
  2. improve the profitability of our sheep industries whilst addressing relevant environmental and welfare issues

We will review

  1. which of the current indexes we should keep and which are out of date
  2. how we generate indexes including industry involvement and how often we need to update indexes
  3. how you and your clients use indexes and how we can potentially improve education about indexes and their use

We will do the review by interviewing breeders and genetic service providers. These interviews will get an in depth understanding about how indexes fit into your business and represent you and your clients’ production systems

You can get involved by sending an expression of interest form to be involved in interviews

Important note – Carcase Plus will still be removed from our system during analysis enhancements this year as planned 12 months ago. No more indexes will be removed until after the review.

This review will ensure that we get the industry more involved and prepared for future changes and current indexes continue to reflect the changing nature of our production systems as our industry evolves.


Interviews are currently being conducted, if you are interested in participating please contact Gus on the details below.


For more information: Gus Rose, MLA

P: 02 8055 1831 E: