2018 Regional Forums

Regional Forums are nearly done, WA are the last forums to happen. These are a great way for breeders to stay informed and up to date with LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT. This year the three main topics will be:

1. Breeding objectives - understanding what is important and measuring it

2. Getting accuracy of selection and getting the things that are important

3. Utilisation of breeding values across the whole operation - and tools to help with this as well.

Please click on the dates below to register your interest in attending that workshop (if the link doesnt work, please email If you could provide business name, breed and flock code and number attending it would be appreciated. Also include any dietary requirements e.g Gluten Free.
Regional forums are at a cost of $33 which will be invoiced to the breeder upon attendance, and includes Morning/Afternoon teas and Lunch.