2019 Leading Breeder Conference

Dubbo will host the biannual 2019 Sheep Genetics Leading Breeder Forum. This will be the 5th event of its type for Sheep Genetics seed stock breeders and will provide the opportunity to hear from industry leading professionals, researchers and breeders alike. Topics will include updates about genetic selection tools that are being developed or are in use and how these help address the needs of the entire supply chain from a breeder level right through to meeting consumer needs (please see the agenda for more detail). The 2019 Leading Breeder promises to have a great line up of speakers and topic for all our breeders from all analyses. The Leading Breeder Dinner will celebrate 30 years of Genetic Evaluation, faces and achievements along the way. We look forward to seeing you all in Central West NSW for what will be one of the best Leading Breeders yet!

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Date: 20th & 21st March 2019, commencing at 2pm

Cost: Conference $100 per person, Dinner $60 per person

The Leading Breeder conference will be following on from the Sheep CRC Final Conference, which will be run on the 19th and 20th of March. Further information and registration details can be found on the link.

“Breeding Sheep for a Future Environment”

  SESSION 1 - What does the future hold for the sheep industry and breeding programs?

   1. The genetics landscape

   2. The challenges and opportunities with sheep breeding in the future

   3. The genetics scene and future outcomes from current R&D

  SESSION 2 - Breeding for an integrated supply chain

   1. Connecting the customer to the farmer

   2. Data capture and feedback - The ALMtech Project

   3. Breeding for consumer outcomes - An on-farm experience


DINNER - Birthday celebrations

30 years of Genetic Evaluation


  SESSION 3 - Breeding for welfare and reproduction

   1. Reproduction and welfare in the industry -  where are we now?

   2. Enabling genetic improvement of reproduction in other species

   3. The new reproduction analysis and updates to the genetic evaluation

   4. Breeding for improved survival - An on-farm experience

  SESSION 4 - Creating future opportunities through genetics

   1. Using genetics to adapt to a changing environment and industry

   2. Efficiency of livestock enterprises

   3. Selecting sheep using indexes for the future

   4. A resource flock of the future

   5. Breeders role in the National Genetics Adoption Plan

Finishing at 1pm

For further information or to download a copy of the agenda please click here.