THEME: Investing in innovation, for genetic improvement

Leading Breeder is a biannual conference hosted by Sheep Genetics to update clients on the genetic evaluations and showcase the innovations in development to achieve genetic improvement.

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the format of the conference must cater for the varying restrictions that apply across states and territories. We want attendees to be able to come together to learn and share ideas in a safe environment. As a result, the 2021 event will involve a combination of livestreamed and face-to-face presentations running simultaneously across three regional locations.
The main event will be hosted and livestreamed from Armidale, NSW. However, you will be able to attend local venues in some states to view the conference, where parts of the agenda will run as face-to-face presentations.


Thursday 25 March, 11am to 4.30pm AEDT.

For attendees in South Australia, this is 10.30am–4pm local time, and in Western Australia, this is 8am–1.30pm local time.


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Session 1

Enhancements and updates impacting your business 

Conference open and welcome (10 min)
Luke Stephen Technical Specialist Sheep Breeding, NSW DPI           
Delivering better breeding values – an update from Sheep Genetics (30 min)  
Gus Rose Operations manager, Sheep Genetics, MLA                                                                                                  
Database redevelopment – what does it mean for you? (30 min)
Peta Bradley Senior Project Officer, Genetics, MLA   
Reproduction – now and into the future (30 min)

Session 2

Investing in reference populations 

The Resource Flock – an industry reference creating data (30 min)
Hamish Chandler Program Manager, Genetics, MLA 
Investing in new traits – where are the opportunities? (35 min)
NSW | Brad Hine CSIRO – Immune competence
SA | Mark Hutchinson University of Adelaide – Pain and wellbeing
First look at the MSA Mark II Model (30 min)
Jessira Perovic Project Manager, MSA R&D and Analytics, MLA                                                                                      

Session 3

Taking ownership for investment where it matters for you          

Blue sky genetics investment (35 min)
Livestream to all locations | Harrison Lamb University of Queensland – Crush side genotype to accelerate genetic gain in livestock
NSW | Ben Hayes University of Queensland – Predicting age of livestock from DNA samples
SA | Rachel Akenay University of Adelaide – Community Attitudes toward Gene Editing in the Red Meat Sector
WA | Caris Jones Project Manager, Genetics, MLA – Project showcase 
The MLA genetics campaign (30 min)
Clara Bradford National Adoption Manager, Genetics, MLA 
Conference wrap-up – where to from here? (10 min)
Luke Stephen Technical Specialist Sheep Breeding, NSW DPI 


The presentations delivered face to face will be filmed and distributed following the conference.