Lambplan reporting groups


To make ASBVs as relevant as possible within the correct market new reporting groups have been created. Within the maternal analysis the breeds considered to be producing the traditional first cross ewe (Border Leicester and East Friesian) will be reported within their own group as well as in the entire combined analysis. In the terminal analysis the shedding breeds (Dorper, White Dorper, Wiltipoll, Wiltshire Horn, Composite Shedders) will be reported within their own group as well as in the entire analysis. This will have influence on the percentile band reports and throughout the website including the averages displayed such as on pen cards. Actual ASBVs have not been influenced, only what they are stacked up against. The ASBVs will continue to be generated from the across breed analyses.

ASBVs are only useful if they are relevant. For a ram buyer to understand or determine the worth of a particular ASBV a reference point is needed. The percentile band report and use of averages allow this. Under this reporting method the terminal and maternal percentile bands have not be changed, there have however been additional percentile reports made accessible for reference to Shedding breeds in the terminal analysis and first cross sire breeds in the maternal analysis.

For example a Border Leicester ram buyer is now able to refer to the “Maternal-First Cross Sire Breeds” percentile band to determine where a particular animal ranks relative to other borders and East Friesians. If viewing the ASBVs on a pen card or the SG website the ASBVs will be stacked up against the average of that reporting group not the entire maternal analysis. The same scenario would apply for a Dorper ram buyer from the terminal point of view.

The remaining breeds within the terminal and maternal analyses will not be separated out at all and will continue to be reported from the entire maternal or terminal analysis as previous.


Shedding breeds:

Dorper - 40

White Dorper - 47

Wiltipoll - 12

Wiltshire Horn - 09

Composite shedders – CS

First cross sire breeds:

Border Leicester – 02

East Friesian – 38