MLA Resource Flock Add On project

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) are seeking breeders to collaborate and co-invest with the MLA Resource Flock project and contribute to the industry’s reference population by collecting additional measures of carcase and eating quality traits from industry animals as a satellite flock to the MLA Resource Flock.

The project is looking for co-investment partners to contribute satellite flocks and collect both phenotypes and DNA samples prior to June 2022.

The purpose is to increase the number of animals in the reference population for eating quality carcase phenotypes by measuring satellite flocks. Focused on, but not limited to, breeds that currently cannot use genomic information due to insufficient reference population size.

The eating quality and carcase phenotypes recorded will include;

• On-farm pre-slaughter live weight (FPSWT); Pre-slaughter live weight before going to abattoir with an overnight fast

• Hot carcase weight (HCWT); weight of hot carcase immediately following slaughter

• Carcase fat depth measured at the GR (GRFAT) and C-Site (mm) (CFAT)

• Carcase eye muscle depth (mm, CEMD) and width (mm, CEMW) between 12th and 13th ribs

• pH decline (PHD), left hand portion of the m. Longissimus thoracis et lumborum (LL) LL pH decline (when temperature reaches 18)

• Intramuscular fat (IMF), intramuscular fat measured on frozen sample caudal end of LL

• Shear force (SF5), shear force on loin muscle – day 5

• Where possible additional traits or devices may be used for research and development purposes such as DEXA or hyperspectral imaging.

Expressions of Interest are open until Wednesday 11 November 2020. (All the required documents are in the more box on the right.)