Multiple PhD opportunities available

Multiple PhD opportunities available

July 08 2022

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Multiple PhD opportunities available

Delivering resource populations for multi-breed genomic evaluation in beef cattle


Summary of the Project

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), the University of New England (UNE) and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) have joined forces to create a resource population for multi-breed genomic evaluation in beef cattle, also known as the southern multi-breed project. This project aims to record thousands of beef cattle, from 6 different breeds, recording early growth and development traits as well as traits related to cow reproduction on 6 NSW DPI research farms. Steers from the project are finished at UNE’s Tullimba feedlot, where valuable feed efficiency data is collected before animals are recorded for meat quality traits. This population of 6 breeds forms a key reference for multi-breed genomic and genetic evaluation, with all animals genotyped and some sires sequenced. This provides a magnificent resource for exploration and learning. Numerous PhD scholarships are now available for students to work as part of this project.

Scholarship information

  • Valued of $28,854.00 per annum plus free tuition
  • Open to Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian Permanent Residents


Suggested topic areas

  1. The genetics of female fertility – breeding cows to have more calves for longer
  2. Breeding and managing more environmentally resilient beef cattle – understanding methane, health, resilience and structural traits and their relationship with production
  3. Beef cattle feed and production system efficiency
  4. Using novel data collection methods to underpin data recording for selection and management of beef cattle
  5. Methods for multi-breed genomic and genetic evaluation in beef cattle
  6. Other beef cattle production topics in meat science, nutrition, health and welfare


If you are interested in another topic related to beef cattle production please contact us to discuss the idea of your choice. Please contact A/Prof Sam Clark or Dr Kath Donoghue to discuss. To apply please send cover letter and CV to Sam Clark at