Sheep Genetics Events


Service provider training

This workshop is for service providers who advise and support Sheep Genetics breeders. This type of support may range from on-farm technical support and data management, to broader genetic advice and MateSel operation.

Service provider training offers valuable information and tools required to support clients and deliver quality breeding program advice. It helps service providers feel more comfortable giving advice on data and is crucial in ensuring they are supplying producers with the most recent and applicable information.  

When and where

Service provider training is usually a two-day event run annually in autumn. The workshop is held in different locations around Australia each year to increase accessibility for participants.  

MateSel training

MateSel is a tool available to Sheep Genetics clients to help with mate selection. MateSel is designed to aid in balancing genetic gain and diversity, it has the capacity to include practical breeding program restrictions.

To get the most out of MateSel your flock should nearly be 100% full pedigree because it draws on information through the pedigree to manage the diversity of the population. 

To access to MateSel, users must first attend a training workshop to learn how to get the most from the program. At the completion of the training, attendees complete a short assessment, before routine access to MateSel via the SG Tools page is provided.

Find out more about MateSel.

When and where

MateSel training is run based on demand, usually in spring. 

Cost and registration

Sheep Genetics will be delivering a series of online workshops for both MateSel beginners, and those who would like a refresher on setting up and running the tool.

These are held online, there is no cost to attend.

Please complete the form to register your interest in attending MateSel training courses. Please note those who are interested will be contacted when dates are set.

Regional forums

Throughout each year, Sheep Genetics run a series of regional workshops across Australia so breeders can:

  • keep updated on enhancements to the analysis
  • learn how to get the most out of their breeding program
  • speak directly to Sheep Genetics staff.

The workshops are not specifically LAMBPLAN or MERINOSELECT workshops but aimed at a mixed audience, of all breeds, and for both long term and new clients.

Sessions covered generally include:

  • principles of genetic selection
  • the evolving world of genetics
  • arming your genetics toolkit
  • developing an action plan.

These workshops are paced so that new Sheep Genetics members are not left behind, whilst also providing new information and techniques for existing clients.

When and where

Each year various regional forums are run across Australia in locations that are accessible for most breeders. These locations change each year to get as much coverage as possible.

2021 locations are:

  • 19th May - Armidale regional forum
  • 25th May - Launceston regional forum
  • 1st June - Hamilton regional forum
  • 3rd June - Adelaide regional forum
  • 10th June - Bendigo regional forum
  • 23rd June - Dubbo regional forum

Cost and registration

Usually, the cost of regional forums is $20 per person which covers the day's activities along with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

Regional forums are advertised through the Sheep Genetics including Breeders Bulletins and monthly updates.

Leading breeder

The Leading breeder conference is the premier event for Sheep Genetics clients, showcasing speakers and topics relevant to the sheep industry today and into the future.

Since its conception, the event has grown bigger and better drawing progressive sheep breeders from all around the country. 

The event is run over two days and has a variety of guest speakers to discuss new developments and exciting technologies in the genetics space.

The Leading breeder conference takes place in March every second year with the last conference being held in 2021. It is open to all Sheep Genetics clients and an invitation to attend will be sent out closer to the date.

Request a Sheep Genetics speaker

Sheep Genetics have an expert team of people who combine their skills and work together to advance the Australian red meat and livestock industry. The Sheep Genetics team have the ability to travel to your event and speak face-to-face or alternatively present online via webinars.

Complete this form to request a Sheep Genetics speaker.

MLA will review applications at the end of each month and advise applicants at the beginning of the following month.