Data Submission Portal - FAQs

Data Submission Portal - FAQs



How long in advance should I submit my data for inclusion in the Sheep Genetics genetic analysis? Similar to the current method of submission, the deadline for data submission is 5pm AEST. A list of analysis run dates are available on the Sheep Genetics website. However, we recommend that you upload your data for submission a few days prior to the analysis date to allow ample time for the data submission process, and review and amend any exclusions or warnings in your data.
I have some exclusions and warning associated with my data. What do they mean?

A list of exclusions and warnings, and their meaning, is available on the Sheep Genetics website. If you would like to discuss any exclusion or warnings, please contact the Sheep Genetics Database manager  

To reduce the number of exclusions and warnings, it is important that you validate your data in your data management software prior to submission to Sheep Genetics for analysis. If you use Pedigree Master, the steps for data validation are outlined in the Submission Process Guideline. Alternatively, if you use another data management software, please contact your software provider directly to learn how to validate your data.

I would like to make a note of the things which have changed between submission files, can I do this? Yes, you can do this during the submission process. Once you have successfully uploaded your file, you can click on the email icon and write a comment to send to Sheep Genetics to read when we review your submission file. You will receive a response from Sheep Genetics when we review your data.
Why can’t I see my flock in the drop-down box to then submit my data? It is important to ensure you are linked to your flock before you can submit your data. If you are unable to see your flock in the uploads page, please contact Sheep Genetics on
What are key things to overview when submitting my own data to Sheep Genetics for analysis? Key things to review include the total number of animals submitted, change in numbers between previous submission (where relevant), exclusions, management groups, sire usage, etc. These are outlined in the submission process guidelines available here