MERINOSELECT is Australia’s genetic evaluation system for Merino producers. The user-friendly tool helps breeders select sheep based on their genetic potential. 

What are the benefits of using MERINOSELECT?

The interactive database is flexible and enables breeders to develop a measurement program to suit individual production systems and breeding goals.

ASBVs are directly comparable across flocks and are available for a range of production and quality traits such as wool quantity and quality, growth, carcase merit, reproduction and worm resistance.

Breeders can also measure genetic trends over time to understand progress in their individual breeding programs.

How does MERINOSELECT work?

Users can search the database for specific traits or sheep (sires, dams, and male and female progeny) and their ASBVs.

Results are calculated from an analysis of pedigree and performance information.

How to get started in MERINOSELECT

Step 1. Contact Sheep Genetics (or a service provider) to understand more about what services are best suited to your business.

Step 2. Visit our Australian Subscription or International Subscription pages  and follow the steps to subscribe.

All information is applicable to Dohne Merino breeders as well.