KIDPLAN is delivered by Sheep Genetics and is the national genetic evaluation for goats.

KIDPLAN provides simple, practical information on the value of an animal’s genes for production in the form of estimated breeding values (EBVs) and specialised indexes.

What are the benefits of using KIDPLAN?

  • EBVs by herd, ID, breed, sex and drop
  • EBVs for individual traits, indexes, breeder location and other options
  • Sale and semen catalogues

How does KIDPLAN work?

Users can search the database for specific traits or animals (bucks, does, and male and female progeny) and their EBVs.

Results are calculated from an analysis of pedigree and performance information.

How to get started in KIDPLAN

Step 1: Contact Sheep Genetics (or a service provider) to understand more about what services are best suited to your business.

Step 2: Visit our Australian Subscription or International Subscription pages  and follow the steps to subscribe.