Key steps

Getting started: Key steps

Step one

Contact Sheep Genetics (or a service provider) to join and understand more about what services are best suited to your sheep breeding operation.
Key topics Sheep Genetics staff will discuss include:

  • your breeding objective
  • what traits you are recording
  • basics of the data submission process.

Step two

If you are:

  • an Australian breeder wishing to get started with Sheep Genetics, please click here.
  • an International breeder wishing to get stated with Sheep Genetics please click here.
  • an existing member and wish to update your listing status, please fill out the web listing form and return to 

Step three

Register for our email newsletter update and search site

  • Subscribe to email newsletter mailing list
  • Register an account on the Sheep Genetics search site - If you already have a myMLA login, use the same email address. You will need to advise us when this is created so we can link your flock to the email account, so you can submit data and access reports. 

Step four

You are now ready to submit data to Sheep Genetics. For more information, visit the Data submission process page.