Index Consultation Process

The MERINOSELECT Index survey

Your chance to provide feedback on the MERINOSELECT research indexes 

In June 2023 Sheep Genetics released 5 new MERINOSELECT RBV Indexes. The indexes of Fine Wool (FW), Wool Production (WP), Sustainable Merino (SM), Sustainable Merino High Rainfall (SMRH) and Maternal Lamb (ML) have been developed by the Animal and Genetics Breeding Unit (AGBU) utilising updated OVIS software.  

Since June, the new indexes have been run alongside the previous indexes (Fibre Production, Merino Production and Dual Purpose) via the search site and within your own flock results. This, along with documentation available at a breeder and commercial producer level have been important for understanding the new indexes.  

The next step is collecting and reviewing industry feedback on the new indexes. The MERINOSELECT Index survey has been developed and is designed to be completed by anyone who has used the indexes (seedstock and commercial).  This survey is aimed to capture data on what indexes people are using, how relevant they are and other general feedback.  It is estimated to take 10-12 minutes to complete.  

Please feel free to share the survey through your networks (including commercial producer clients who may have bought your rams or use ASBVs in their selection decisions) and have your input included in the next stages of refinement and release. We are looking to capture as wide a variety of users and production systems as possible.  

In addition to the survey, AGBU have recorded a series of short easy to understand videos that explain the indexes, how the modelling behind the software works and what the indexes are. A link to these videos can be found in the box on the right. It is highly recommended that you utilise this fantastic resource, direct from the scientists who developed the indexes, before completing the survey.  

The survey is part of a larger Transition Pathway from the Research indexes to Industry index for the MERINOSELECT analysis. The survey will be available from 22nd of August until the 7th of October 2023. With the information and feedback provided as part of this survey there will be more information made available to industry and a period or refinement before the final versions of the indexes are published and presented in Analysis Enhancements of 2024.  

Sheep Genetics would like to thankyou for your time and feedback in the survey, if you have any questions please contact Sheep Genetics on 02 8055 1818 or