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Updates to the Sheep Genetics subscription and fee schedule – International Clients 

Sheep Genetics has reviewed and updated its subscription and fee schedule. This is the first time since 2019 that these have been updated.  

These changes are necessary to: 

  • Allow more streamlined and efficient internal processes around billing and data submission 
  • Reflect the current economic environment and the costs associated with running Sheep Genetics  

As of the 20th July 2024, there will be 5 key changes to the Sheep Genetics subscription and fee schedule. They can be summarised as follows: 

  • 2024 drop CO (commercial) and CU (cull) animals will be billed at the standard animal charge 
  • Removal of the small stud subscription option 
  • Removal of the capped number of billable animals per flock 
  • Changes to the yearly subscription fee and animal database charges 
  • Addition of a Resource Flock support charge per flock 

Commercial and Cull animals will be billed  

Cull and commercial animals were originally introduced to encourage submission on all animals within a cohort.  Until now animals that contain CU and CO in the 11th and 12th digit of the 16-digit ID were not billed, and they did not receive reportable breeding values.  

In recent years IDs containing CO and CU have been used in different ways across flocks, which has caused: 

  • Issues with data management and data quality as a result of changing IDs 
  • Impact on internal Sheep Genetics data management costs 
  • Impact on genotypes and the need to change the IDs genotypes 

Following the submission of billable animals from the 2024 drop onwards CO and CU IDs will still be accepted but they will incur the standard animal database charge if they have measurements above the billable threshold for each analysis.  

An animal achieves billable status when it has a weaning weight or later entered into the database (LAMBPLAN) or Post-weaning trait information (MERINOSELECT). This means that once an animal is entered into the database and charged, additional data can continue to be entered on that animal throughout its life at no additional cost 

Sheep Genetics encourages flocks to submit data on all possible animals at an early age to make better selection decisions and improve data quality. We encourage that new animals are not submitted with CU or CO in the ID.  

Removal of the small stud subscription option 

A small stud subscription option was originally created for smaller studs submitting less than approximately 50 progeny per drop to submit data in a cost-effective manner. During a review of the Sheep Genetics business plan, fee schedule and membership options, it was identified that the annual subscription model is the most effective for future growth. As a result, Sheep Genetics is ceasing the small stud option. Flocks impacted by this updated have been contacted and Sheep Genetics staff will work with them to change subscriptions over. Small studs will be charged at the standard flock and animal rate outlined below.  

Removal of the capped number of billable animals per flock 

Breeders submitting more than 2,500 animals per flock will now be charged for all billable animals supplied to Sheep Genetics.  This cap will be removed and all animals with billable measurements submitted will incur the animal database charge outlined below.  

Changes to the yearly subscription fee and animal database charges 

Sheep Genetics regularly reviews its fees and subscription charges. The current fee schedule has not changed for the past 5 years and increases to the fee schedule are required to continue the services and running of the Sheep Genetics evaluations.  

As of the 20th July 2024, invoices issued will reflect the fee schedule as follows, and be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD): 


Pricing (no GST) 

Flock Subscription 


Additional Flock Subscription 


Animal charge 



If you have any questions about the updates being made and summarised above, please contact: 

Rudolph Linde - Business Manager - Genetic Services 

Peta Bradley – Manager Sheep Genetics